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If somebody know about the place for piano practice in melbourne, please leave your suggestion under the comment section, much appreciated~~

Cuz I m going to find a job to teach children piano and i also need my own place to keep practicing as well. I am still searching for it around RMIT city campus~~

Web Programming....Java Programming....Web 3D....Software Engineering....
4 courses' assignments need to be settled by the end of this week.

Sorry for long time no submission of artworks TAT. I am really in extreme condition now. Today I pick some few time to leave some words in journal here and later need to go back to my assignments....After assignment, we start to prepare for final exam...haiz.  

I dont need for unlimited time...just need for unlimited energy
  • Reading: 4-dimension nonsence
Hey...recently I read a book named 'Travels in Four Dimensions' written by Robin Le Poidevin and found a really interesting argument like this: Here is the case study------I want to move from position A to position B. So at first I stand on A. In order to get to B, I need to get to the middle position C between A and B. but before that, I also need to get to the middle position D between A and C. And so on and so on...........So now the consequence is, I never reach position B....or even I can say I can never leave position A.

lol, What do you think?
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  • Playing: God damn tennis
  • Eating: TAT
  • Drinking: TAT
God damn it I play Wii too much. Wii tennis is really dangerous one. I slash my wii mote to my chair......arh >< >< >< my fingers .......

never touch tennis from now and start my monster hunter 3 TAT.........
  • Listening to: I need you (by joe bagale)
  • Reading: Assasins' creed walkthrough
  • Watching: Peter chao again haha!!
  • Playing: of course Assassin lol
  • Eating: crispy crispy crisps
  • Drinking: Milo with milk TVT
I am just addicted into this great Assassin game. The story was happened in Italy by using

a machine called animus (they call it No.sixteen ??).The character controlled by me is

called Ezio. The game provide a extremely high freedom for me to hunt any treasure or

assassinate bad guys. I can not only run on the ground, but also sprint and jump roof by

roof lolx, how interesting!  The buildings are really full of local culture. Every details

that reveal the great civilization make me feel like I am part of the action in the game.

Besides, I am so honored to meet da Vinci,Leonardo in the game TAT! Every time I gave out

the codex page to him, he always appeared his exciting mood  very quickly(He says"ar hah!!

Another codes page!! How exciting!") which make me Laugh Out Loud every time. And one thing

that I feel fake is ....... Did da Vinci invent that 'flying machine' in his real life

time??  This one freak me out of the box.....

Treasure hunting is the most enjoyable part to me. At first time, Ezio's uncle, mario

(LOLX, super mario) brought me down to the underground and showed me a locked cage. Inside

the cage, I saw a great armor that I cannot buy from the shop! In order to unlock the cage,

I need to find 6 plates with different picture. Each plate is hidden inside either a castle

or underground in different states in Italy. But there contains a lot of traps and

mechanisms for me to pass before I can locate the plate. I also have to avoid being noticed

by guards or just kill them off. This match my favourite flavor haha Cuz I am the big fan

of Tomb Raider. Now I have already collected all of 6 plates and unlocked my best armor!

Very soon I found the PSP version for Assassin's Creed-----assassin's creed:bloodline . The

graphic is not so bad like God of war. TAT.....I love to assassinate......(OK, if someone

stole my artworks, I would go to assassinate him in any way haha)

By the way, new artbook project is still going on, 40% progress approximately TAT. So

please stay tuned TVT.
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  • Reading: IELTS reading test sample
  • Watching: IELTS stupid speaking examiner on youtube
  • Playing: gens emulation on Linux
  • Eating: Curry chicken with rice TvT
  • Drinking: holywater(for the sake of success in my IELTS)
TATATATAT.....yesterday I just finished my Speaking test, felt not so bad. We talked about the childhood toys orz........I just spoke out everything I know and I interested in. (PeaCh says: ar must be a story about the SPOON Tomorrow will be my Listening, Reading and writing sessions.I am damn nervous TAT. If I dont score over 6.5 , no way to go for Melborne TAT. Kami Sama bless me lol.....

I've installed Linux Ubuntu 9.10 inside my laptop TvT. Thanks to the CompizConfig Settings manager(ccsm), the 3d visual effect is really nice! I customized the appearance which almost looks like a Mac System XD. And I also can run SAI in Linux with Wine XD. But now the problem is my system cannot recognize my tablet way....need to take some time to solve it.
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  • Watching: Peter Chao looks for BJ in Whistler
  • Playing: Final Fantasy Dissidia
  • Eating: fast noodles
  • Drinking: bubble tea
I just opened my DA main page and checked my message box, su...suddenly prompt out 600 more new messages in 1 hour.......I was screwed up myself what happened to it. After being told by a friend of mine from DA (Archlich)then I knew what's going on......I got a Daily Deviation lol.

whatever I say just cannot express my real feeling but I just want to say : Thanks to all my dear watchers and supporters ><~~~~And thanks for giving me a chance to get a Daily Deviation I m so surprised myself TAT.
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  • Reading: Don juan piano sheet
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  • Playing: my desk
  • Eating: sandwiches
  • Drinking: ice lemon tea lol
TAT, Finally I can login my QQ and MSN, finally I can go through my Pixiv and DA in my home, finally I can go youtube to watch my favourite piano concerto by argerich, finally I can download my assignment requirement from my Blackboard 7, finally I can store my lecturer notes into PSP lol.......finally this is the finalization of my final trouble TAT
After mid term holiday, we came back to normal college life from this Monday. I thought I could have a good start of next half of semester, but then coming up was a nasty problem: Internet connection failed. I restarted the router again and again and it still didnt fxcking work.Now I had to use school lab to access internet. The second day come out another problem: Our toilet flush was broken. It was keeping making noise during midnight.....but it was fixed after I declare the repairing requirement at our service office. After few days until yesterday, our internet connection was returned to normal automatically which satisfied me quite a lot. So yesterday I came to alive on internet finally! was coming the final roommate was making a phone call beside the router in dining room. After he finished phone call, he stood up from sofa and stepped across the phone line of router without any recognition......the phone line was broken orz.....and what much worse was that the head of phone line was left in the plug which cannot plug out already|||||| arhhhhhhhh(*slam my head to the desk 100 times*).....need to repair the phone line plug and get a new phone line orz.......
  • Listening to: Argerich plays Prokfiev Concerto No3
  • Playing: MIKU
It had been several months since I joined in DA however I never wrote anything in my journal lol. so, since now I m in break time in university, I am gonna share something to all my dear watchers XD.

Firstly, I need to explain my real gender-----I am a boy, a legal male student already lolx (18 years old lah). Normally people from Pixiv will consider me as a girl despite I fill in my gender information in my profile (if you can read mandarin, it is written in "Male").But what I have to admit is that, my English name 'KD' is quite similar to 'Kitty'(*Slam my head to the desk*). So, that’s why I think bah. Talking about my pen name, 'Kwasabiyori00D' is really meaningful and kind of funny for me in my life. It consists of many different memorable names of friends of mine. But still, most of my friends call me as 'KaiDi or KD'. Not like Dhiea, she always calls me 'Hello Kitty'. (*Continue slamming my head*)

I have already enrolled Computer Science first year degree in RMIT, Taylors College in Malaysia. I study a lot of courses that I love in such as Mathematics for game design, Java programming, assembly programming, etc. In fact, I m still freshman haha. Brand new university life is quite different, or I can say, quite attractive. RMIT got so many extra-curricular activities. There is a comic event coming soon on the 26th of Sep in our University College and I think this is a good opportunity for me to investigate the anime marketing status around here. (I predict that the teenagers here care about animation or manga the most…….and Hatsune Miku)

I started my CG study as soon as I bought my first tablet last year November. It is Wacom Intuos 3 6*8 (I drew down my working studio myself, you can find it in my gallery XD). But terribly, I had no tutorial of basic body structure and CG approaches that time. Thanks to the recommendation from my friends, I bought some tutorials when I came back to China hometown. After that, I fortunately got along with sayori on the internet, an incredible extraordinary excellent Chinese illustrator. Then I made a little bit progress that I could not believe it. I actually didn’t ask too many CG questions to her just in case of not bothering her working. She always left a big space for me to figure out the key point by myself. Finally, I found that the most valuable thing she had already taught me so smoothly and unconsciously is called ' patience '. This is not only about the drawing, but also about how I behave myself as my own attitude in my whole life.

Malaysia is damn hot. I can say I have already hunted out what 3 hot in here: Hot food, Hot weather and Hot girls (ah lah you ah….I know you will talk about the girls lol). Erm…I think that’s all I want puke out.
Oops…..lunch time soon….I am gonna find out my hot food among these hot girls under the hot sun XD   (AFKBRB~

Thanks for 10k page views, kamisama bless me lolz
Long time no touch piano, so miss her TAT